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Pottery and Watercolor

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This story follows Fred Ackley Jr. from the Sokaogon Chippewa Community of Mole Lake as he harvests and processes manoomin, or wild rice. The ancestors of his community migrated to Madeleine Island from eastern Canada long ago, then more recently to the Rice Lake area. Their 12 square mile reservation was established during the Treaty of 1854, and the tribe finally received federal recognition and their Mole Lake reservation in 1937. In this excerpt from an interview, Fred explains the importance of ricing. (x)

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Here are some photos from our trip to Maine. One day I spent a morning painting next to Flagstaff Lake while Bob started his two day backpack across the Bigelows. I was at Round Barn campground in the Bigelow Preserve. Many of the trees that are washing up on the beach are from when they flooded the lake in the 60’s. You can still see houses underwater on good days.

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